With a huge range of skills and specialisms, LAMD members are ideally placed to redecorate your home, whether it’s a Victorian terrace, modern apartment or heritage farmhouse.


We know that when work needs doing in your home, you need to feel confident that the master decorator you choose will offer quality workmanship and a professional approach.

To help you find the right master decorator for your project, we have a dedicated ‘Find a Member’ tool below.

Good, clear lines of communication is key from both parties to ensure a smooth running project and achieving the required finish on time and on budget.

Agree a start date (weather permitting for external work) and liaise with your decorator on colour, finish and preparation required and then decide who will purchase the materials required to carry out your project

If your project involves wallpapering, your decorator will advise you on how many rolls will be required to complete the work and if cross-lining is needed also. It will be your responsibility to check that every roll you order has the same batch number to prevent differences in shading. The decorator will normally supply the wallpaper adhesive, unless the manufacturer of the wallpaper recommends the use of their own paste. If the wall covering is faulty, the decorator will stop work and inform you so that you can refer back to the supplier.

It’s important to ensure any previous work (electrics, structural work, joinery, plastering), have been completed before the painter is due to start.

Continue to liaise with your decorator throughout the project and raise any concerns. It is much easier to resolve issues at the point they arise rather than wait until the job is complete.

We advise you to follow these simple steps:

  • Use a LAMD Member – all our members adhere to our Code of Practice and must meet our membership criteria. We have a dedicated ‘Find a Member’ facility on our homepage and you can also call Head Office to see how long they have been in membership.
  • Approach three separate decorators to compare price and service
  • Always ask for a written quotation and ensure all aspects of the job are included
  • Do not cut corners to save on cost. You will not achieve the best results
  • If you wish for further works to be carried out during the project then this will affect the final cost and you should receive a revised quotation to reflect these changes
  • Some decorators may ask for a deposit before the work commences. Do not pay for the whole project at the start. Agree the payment stages at the start of the project and uphold these if you are happy with the work.
  • At the end of the project if there is a problem with the workmanship, do not pay the final fee and contact the LAMD

LAMD members are backed by our free dispute resolution service which aims to reach an amicable solution for both parties should something go wrong.