Q1 Premium masking Solutions

Q1 Premium masking Solutions

Backed by 25 years of industry innovation, Q1® Tapes manufactures a range of masking tapes, papers, films and accessories which meet the specific challenges of the painting and decorating sector.


For a trusted, premium-grade performance on every project, Q1® Tapes are precision-engineered using a variety of high-quality Japanese Washi or saturated paper with either acrylic or solvent adhesive for superior hold and clean removal. 


Tackling the challenges of complex painting and spraying projects head on, Q1® Tapes boast market-leading UV resistance across the range of multipurpose, precision line and delicate surface taping solutions, whether you are protecting newly painted surfaces, masking off large areas for protection or creating razor sharp paint edges. 


Q1® masking tapes, papers, films and accessories are the result of many years of product research and development. The company prides itself on listening to the opinions of many painters and decorators in order to hone its product portfolio to meet the exacting demands of this quality-led industry. 


For more information on Q1®’s range of tapes and other solutions, search ‘Q1 Tapes’ or visit www.Q1tapes.com.