Owatrol UK Ltd

Owatrol UK Ltd

Owatrol UK produce a range of high quality, long lasting coatings which offer exceptional protection and superior finish. We pride ourselves on our reputation as being ‘The Professional’s Choice’ and with products which has been established for over 70 years, we can be sure that when purchasing from us you will get a product of the highest quality.

Our wood care products provide superior and long term protection against the elements and our wide range of finish types is perfect for every taste. Whether you’re looking for a clear wood protection like Deks Olje D1 or Textrol Clear to enhance the natural beauty of your wood and protect it from within or you’re looking for an opaque finish like Solid Colour Stain, guaranteed not to peel or flake for up to 15 years – there is always a solution with Owatrol.

Owatrol products for the decorating market provide solutions for a variety of problems encountered by the professional and amateur alike. With Floetrol, improve the flow of your paint and reduce brush and roller marks without changing the inherent qualities of the paint, or with ESP (a wipe-on wipe-off product) prepare any shiny or non-porous surface for painting in just 5 minutes. Our new product Owatrol Deco is a multi surface paint and rust inhibiting primer in one and can be painted onto any surface providing excellent protection and a stylish high gloss finish. Other best selling products include Emulsa Bond to provide a bonding primer and first coat of paint in one, our products for dealing with mould problems and our paint odour eliminator additive.

We also product specialist products for the marine environment including Marine Strip, our specialist marine paint stripper which can remove up to 8 coats of paint in a single application and is safe for use on gel coats and GRPs. Our superior saturating wood protection products, Deks Olje D1 And Deks Olje D2 (high gloss finish) are perfect for the marine environment and provide long-lasting protection for decks and other boat surfaces.

As well as being stocked in many decorating stores such as Crown Decorating Centres and Brewers you can also order Owatrol products directly from our website with next working day delivery for orders placed before 3pm.


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