HMG Paints Ltd

HMG Paints Ltd

HMG Paints Ltd is a family owned business, founded in 1930 which has grown to become the UK’s largest independent Paint Manufacturer.


The family firm, now in it’s 4 th generation of ownership, are proud to be offering paint solutions in to all types of markets from Industrial to Motor Racing, to Professional Painting and Decorating. HMG boast a durable portfolio of decorative coatings, developed alongside professional painters and decorators, featuring attributes such as high scrub resistance, self-priming properties, anti-microbial options and much more. The range includes water-based internal and external paints, covering wood priming and topcoats, emulsions, masonry paints and fence coatings. As well as this HMG offer specialist UPVC and kitchen coatings with fit for purpose preparatory cleaners designed and used in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) of UPVC window and doors and kitchen cabinets across the UK.


This is all backed by an extensive 88 years’ experience in developing pioneering coatings for a myriad of industries and with this experience, HMG offer popular training courses for UPVC spraying as well as equivalent courses for Kitchens and water-based coatings hosted by specialist spray trainers with decades of application experience.


HMG maintains an unrivalled colour library of more than 250,000+ shades and can produce paints to any colour including leading brands, all BS, RAL, NCS and OEM colour standards, as well as specific Pantone references. Shades are matched exactly using spectrophotometer equipment and the experienced eyes of HMG’s colour technicians. The team of highly trained colour experts provide over 300 custom matches every month for a range of 60+ distributors and other customers.


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