Ciret Limited

Ciret Limited

Ciret Ltd is part of the Storch-Ciret Group – Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of painting and decorating tools.

We pride ourselves in supplying decorating professionals and DIY enthusiasts with innovative, high-quality tools that increase work efficiency, reduce costs and help achieve the best possible results.

Our five core brands – ROTA!, Kana, masq, prep, and Beeline – have been designed to provide quality solutions for the full life-cycle of a decorating project, starting with the preparation stage right through to the finishing touches.

As part of the Storch-Ciret Group, we produce more than 50% of our entire product range from within our factories in Europe and Asia. For that reason, our customers can rely on consistent quality, guaranteed supply and fulfilment of special requests. Furthermore, we can quote the best possible purchase and sales prices through optimal global procurement of raw materials and finished products.

Our core brands:

  • ROTA!– Paint rollers & roller accessories
  • Kana– Paint brushes & accessories
  • masq– Masking tapes and masking films
  • prep– Surface preparation products
  • Beeline– Wallpaper adhesives and fillers

Our third-party brands:

  • Trimaco– Specialist surface protection and dust containment
  • Red Devil– Fillers and sealants
  • Stanley– Painting tools and accessories

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