C-Tec N.I Limited

C-Tec N.I Limited

PeelTec from the Creators of CT1.


CT1 are the people that changed the world of Sealing and Bonding! Bringing the latest technology to the building industry. CT1 are the people that are always first in bringing the latest problem solving products.


CT1 commonly known as The Snag List Eliminator, unique sealant and construction adhesive replaces numerous products from just one tube. It is widely recognized as the ultimate development in bonding and sealing, and offers a unique adhesion on virtually any material, without the need for additional fixings.


Due to its Hybrid polymer formulation CT1 has no solvents, so when spreading this sealant it doesn’t string so it is the ultimate filler, perfect for settlement cracks. CT1 can also be painted on! Due to no solvents its odourless so ideal for working in confined spaces.


CT1 has been voted as the No 1 Sealant for years and boasts to having over 25 accreditations, including ETAG 022, Low Emissions and ISEGA food certificate to name a few.


CT1 also recognised a dire need in the painting and decoration industry for an effective replacement for a paint remover, since and EU directive banned Methyl Chloride. Many of the known paint removing brands were removed from the market.


Methylene Chloride, was an aggressive component that was banned, so the challenge was to create “Paint remover” which would be gentle to both the user and base materials.


PeelTec will eliminate those tedious and unsafe methods or removing paint such as heat, harsh solvents and mechanical methods.


PeelTec will remove ALL paint, in less than 10 minutes, the paint simply peels away!.


This unique product will reduce labour considerably with no dangerous vapours or accidental scratching.


PeelTec are proud to become associate members with the long and well established Painting and Decorating Association! They will bring the latest technology to the members and partners and help change the face of the labours hours spent removing paint!


Here is to the future! Follow The Leader.