British Coatings Federation

British Coatings Federation

The British Coatings Federation is the sole UK Trade Association representing the interests of the decorative, industrial and powder coatings, printing inks and wallcovering manufacturers.

Coatings are critical to UK industry, with 300,000 workers relying on our members’ products every day, and the UK is a net exporter of coatings and inks.  BCF’s members represent 95% of the UK sales of coatings, inks and wallcoverings.

The BCF’s agenda is to:

  • reduce the cost and complexity of regulation
  • enhance competitiveness
  • ensure a level playing field
  • promote the industry and its exports
  • work with our supply chain to maximise influence
  • enhance the attractiveness of the UK as a manufacturing base
  • stimulate sustainable innovation
  • attract and train the next generation of talent

The BCF has a new product finder tool on its website: as well as a section for deco paints for the general public and professional decorators here.

BCF also provides a range of guidance and information, including:

paintsafe trifold

BCF Industry Waste

HS 032 Lead in Painted Surfaces guidance for the general public December 2015

HS 034 Lead in Painted Surfaces guidance for Professional Decorators April 2016

Paintcare Copy

paintsafe trifold

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