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Shaw Paints Ltd

Benjamin Moore is one of North America’s leading paint companies – famous world-wide for producing outstanding quality paint and primer products and leading the industry in bringing innovative new technologies to market. Benjamin Moore takes paint performance to the next level, delivering a flawless finish, outstanding application by brush, roller and spray and excellent dry film properties such as touch-up, scrubbability and adhesion. There is a broad range of paints and primers at different quality levels, so the product offer can be tailored to suit a variety of project budgets.

The brand is also known as a world leader in colour and design, with an unrivalled following amongst Interior Designers driven by the outstanding depth and beauty of the colour range. Benjamin Moore offers a stunning palette of more than 3,500 colours and high-quality colour tools that help Professional Decorators to differentiate their businesses, offer enhanced services to their customers and promote a professional image.

Benjamin Moore UK is operated by Shaw Paints, a Berkshire based business that imports and distributes Benjamin Moore paints both direct to customers and through a growing network of specialist independent retail partners. When ordering directly through Shaw Paints, services include a next-business-day national delivery service, a trade discount programme and outstanding technical support.

Notable products;

Aura® – an 100% acrylic paint available in matte, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss sheen levels. Suitable for application to walls and woodwork. Offers exceptional opacity and durability, especially in exceptionally dark colours.

Advance® Water-based Alkyd – a water-based 100% alkyd paint available in matte, satin and high gloss sheen levels. Suitable for cabinets and woodwork. Offers outstanding application including flow and levelling for a brush-mark free finish, high opacity and dries to an exceptionally tough finish.


Ceiling Paint – a 0% sheen paint that eliminates flashing in critical light situations.